Ios 7 color status bar cydia

The notification badges on your spring board and dock glow in different colors whenever an App has a pending notification to show.

The best jailbreak tweaks for the Status Bar on iOS 7

You can customize the colors. Using this free cydia tweak you can srub through songs on iTunes Radio in real time. You can also use unlimited skips on iTunes Radio. This free cydia tweak announces the song name and other details of the song audibly, just before the song is about to start. This free cydia tweak can be used to lock the phone, all the apps except the Settings app. The same should be done to unlock.

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This free cydia tweak puts the texts in your imessages in big bubbles as the name suggests. These bubbles are huge as you may have seen in some chatting apps. This free cydia tweak creates a cool Virtual Home button on your screen that can be moved from place to place on the screen.

It acts as the home button in the bottom half of your screen and becomes the lock button in the top half of your screen. You can also optimize opacity of the button on your screen. But you may need to perform any sound involving action like playing a song before it takes effect of your changes.


You can set both the Background color that is the status bar color and the Foreground color that is the color of the status bar contents like battery,network,text etc. Then if you slide that slider it performs the mentioned action.

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Thus, it simplifies the power options without using the power button multiple times using the slide to unlock like user interface. You can configure all this and more in the Settings app. It makes the icons in the dock to jump up and down when they have a notification. You can even customize the color of the glow.

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  6. This is a keyboard tweak that brings some amazing swipe gesture shortcuts on each key of your keyboard. For example, you can set a shortcut for a word to the letter on the keyboard which starts with that letter. You can attach two actions to a single key. It allows users to bring a new look to both the screens.

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    The tweak provides tons of customization options that it claims will set your device apart from others in terms of look. It allows you to colorize both the Lock screen and the Home screen as well as hide various UI elements. Apart from this, you can also colorize some items of the Status Bar such as the signal, battery or text color as well as configure and hide them.

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    Once you install the tweak, you can take advantage of it by configuring the tweak from its preference pane. Step 4: In the resulting popup add the URL of the repository that hosts the package to fix the issue: Step 5: Step 6: Redmond Pie. Galaxy S10 vs. Samsung gives us so many reasons to switch.