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Choose the layouts you want note that you have to select two or more to be able to switch and then press back. Change language with the external keyboard ios: Additional information Color Black. Reviews 0. Add a Review. Related products. After you insert the SD card into the reader, your iPad automatically opens the Photos app lets you choose which photos and videos to import, then organizes them into albums. USB 2. Lightning Charge and Sync High speed 2.

12 best keyboards and keyboard cases for the iPad

Provides a simple connection. Video mirroring: Makes it easy to view apps, presentations, Web sites and more on your VGA-equipped TV, display, projector or other compatible display in up to p high-definition resolution. Nick Guy was the accessories editor at iLounge for a little over three years before covering Apple products and accessories at Wirecutter.

During his tenure at iLounge, he reviewed more than 1, products, including dozens of iPad keyboard cases.

You can dramatically increase your iPad productivity with real, tactile keys that let you type almost as quickly and with almost as few errors as you can on your computer. And most keyboard cases are specifically designed to let you type on your lap, much like you would with a laptop, making a keyboard case better for portable use than an iPad with a separate keyboard and stand. But before you rush out and buy a keyboard case, you should consider the drawbacks and temper your expectations because adding a keyboard case to your iPad is all about compromises.

You should get an iPad keyboard case only if you need to use a physical keyboard regularly and you want one with you most of the time. Even then, you should at least consider a standalone Bluetooth keyboard instead. We have some great recommendations for standalone keyboards and iPad stands , but if you really do want a keyboard case, read on. Here are the things an iPad keyboard case should get right:. Of the models that met our criteria, we tested each for a minimum of two weeks of regular use, and we used each of the top contenders for much longer.

We used each keyboard case both for extended typing sessions and short typing tasks. Sometimes a great overall design is ruined by a bad typing experience; sometimes a fantastic keyboard is hampered by a poorly designed case or stand.

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The best iPad keyboard for people who type a lot is the Logitech Slim Folio. In a relatively small field of competition—models from reputable brands that warranted testing based on our criteria—the Slim Folio is simply the best to type on thanks to great keyboard hardware and proper key layout. The keys themselves are smaller than what you get on a full-size laptop keyboard, of course, but Logitech avoided the temptation to make some keys bigger by eliminating others.

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Tab, Caps Lock, Shift, and Command, for example, are still wider than the letter keys, but not by as much as they are on a full-size keyboard. We enjoyed typing on the Slim Folio, and the physical keys themselves impressed us. The whole thing is also sturdier than its competition: Other iPad keyboards we tested for this update flexed under the pressure of our fingers pressing down on the keys, but the Slim Folio does not. One of the best features of the Slim Folio is its automatic connection.

The initial Bluetooth pairing process is identical to that of any other wireless keyboard, which is very easy and takes a matter of seconds. When that happens, the keyboard instantly wakes up and is ready for you to type. Other keyboards may require you to press a button to wake up the keyboard, whereas this one is ready when you are without a second thought.

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And it automatically disconnects the keyboard when you lift the iPad off the base. A fabric-wrapped panel is stacked on top of the shell, continuing around to the underside of the keyboard, which, as with most keyboard cases, also acts as the front of the screen cover. The whole package feels nice, especially in comparison with the usual combination of plastic and rubber we see on iPad cases.

Thankfully, you can easily snap the tablet out of the case when you need to. The Slim Folio provides only one typing angle for the iPad, with the tablet securely held in place by the aforementioned magnetic strip. Roughly 30 degrees back from perpendicular, we found that angle perfectly comfortable during use, although some people may like a keyboard case with more viewing angles.

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If real-world use is anywhere near that long, the battery is likely to last as long as you have your iPad. At this writing, the updated model was available only through Logitech directly, and not yet for sale on Amazon. As we noted above, all iPad keyboard cases require compromises, and that holds true for the Slim Folio. But this particular trade-off is very common; few iPad keyboards include an Esc key. The bulk is one of the compromises you have to make for this all-in-one solution. And we do wish that the keyboard and case could be separated to better accommodate different uses.

Along with a thicker, heavier case, it offers the second-best typing experience we found after the Slim Folio and a handful of useful features that are uncommon among iPad keyboard cases: The case is detachable from the keyboard, the Bluetooth connection supports two devices for easy switching, and the keys are backlit, making for a better experience when typing in dark settings. The Rugged Messenger offers enough protection to keep an iPad safe from occasional bumps and drops. The only real area for improvement in terms of protection would be a taller lip around the screen to better protect the glass if dropped.

The key backlighting has three different brightness levels, and you can cycle through multiple colors, both nice touches that set this keyboard apart from the others we tested. We also appreciate that the keyboard automatically turns on and off as needed, with Zagg promising two-year battery life. The switch from one device to another via two buttons in the top-left corner of the keyboard happens quickly and never failed in our testing. Fully assembled, the Rugged Messenger is about an inch thick and weighs a little over 2. The big difference is that the Slim Combo is actually two separate pieces: This case actually packs some surprises.

Namely, the case comes with a full size Bluetooth keyboard that can be detached effortlessly and reattached with magnets. And that, my friend, opens up a world of possibilities.

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The keyboard is charged via mini-USB and the battery lasts quite awhile for casual typing. Once the iPad is inserted, you fold the tablet upwards and rest it horizontally to type. You can then fold the case in a different way and use the keyboard on a table or even your lap. The keyboard itself is then, durable, and fully fitted for your OS X needs. Your iPad feels clutched inside the pages of a classic, leather-bound novel.