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We've extolled the many virtues of the S60 3rd edition web browser in several other reviews. Suffice to say it and the iPhone have the best browser in the mobile business, hands down. In conjunction with the pixel wide screen display, it's a most desktop-like experience. If you leave the Messaging application running, it will automatically check for new mail and notify you it retrieves headers only until you tell it to download the full message.

If you want BlackBerry Connect push email, you can download it from Nokia's Business software site here it's free. The Communicator runs Symbian OS 9. As mentioned, this is the first communicator to run S60, and overall the adaptation works well with good use of the added screen real estate.

How to install new OS on any Blackberry device

For example, Contacts has its listing on the left with the contact detail on the right. The calendar's default view shows the current month on the left, with appointments for the highlighted day shown on the right. Gallery has a scrollable list of media on the left and shows a preview size image on the right.

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The Communicator has both traditional notes that sync to Outlook and Active Notes which supports embedding images, business cards, sound and video clips. PC Suite allows you to transfer multimedia items including photos, music and videos under Windows and for Mac users there's a downloadable beta of Nokia Multimedia Transfer for syncing with iTunes and iPhoto. Calendar and Contacts are full-featured and up to business use with one continuing complaint: The wide screen display is extremely well-suited to Excel document and PDF viewing.

New is Nokia's Team Suite application, where you can creates teams for group messaging, conference calling and more. Fun and games include Nokia's Gallery application for viewing photos. There's also an FM radio that uses the wired headset as its antenna though you can play radio through the speaker and Flash Lite not to be confused with the Flash browser plugin on the desktop. Music quality through the included stereo headset is very good, as it is through Bluetooth stereo headphones.

Nokia Maps is a world-wide solution, and that's ambitious. While it's very cool to search for a restaurant called "Pescador" and see results not only nearby, but also in various states of Mexico along with Argentina and other countries; you know there have to be holes in mapping and navigation somewhere in the world. We hear Maps works fairly well in Europe, but in the US, it's a decidedly mixed bag. Nokia includes a GPS application and Maps which provide mapping and navigation worldwide turn-by-turn navigation and route simulation require a fee.

The GPS application shows you current latitude, longitude, elevation, speed and more.

Gigaom | Nokia E90 update: so long BlackBerry Connect, hello Nokia Maps

The navigation and mapping are powered by Navteq and TeleAtlas and you can download maps to the phone or microSD card over-the-air or via WiFi. In addition you can use desktop map loader software to download and transfer maps to the phone. The on-phone software is actually smart2go which Nokia purchased, and it includes maps, an extensive POI database points of interest , route simulation, directions shown both on map and turn-by-turn and more.

It has day and night display modes and options to exclude toll roads, tunnels, highways and ferries. Though maps and POIs are free for those areas of the world covered, you would have to buy navigation on a per country basis. So if you are a US resident but travel to France and want turn-by-turn navigation for France, you'll need to purchase that which makes the 7 day and one month options attractive.

Our E90 takes between 1 and 2 minutes to get a fix, unless it's been used within the last hour, then it takes only 30 seconds to a minute. We really liked the logical and very complete POI listing, but were surprised that some businesses weren't available in the search function i. Spoken turn-by-turn directions are delivered in a clear male voice and the route simulation is a must if you want to double-check the route before heading out. Here in the Dallas metroplex, an amazingly orderly street grid is the norm, and buildings are relatively short which should make for good results. But we found that the application was slow to re-route when we chose a different route: Granted our map data doesn't download as quickly over EDGE as it would over 3G overseas, but nonetheless, good guidance logic would have started re-routing much sooner.

Mapping a route from location A to B with the same options fastest route, no avoidances often yielded different routes-- odd. Route selection was sometimes downright peculiar, as we also noted on the N For a fastest route selection, it consistently wanted us to make our way through the twisty, low speed roads in our development rather than taking the short hop out to a major road. There aren't many professional mapping and navigation solutions for the E90 with US maps yet.

We tried Wayfinder which doesn't have the built-in solutions rich set of features, and it did a better job of routing but had the same slow acquisition times and lost satellites in-route. The Nokia E90's 3. Still image quality isn't quite as good as the 3MP autofocus Nokia N73 one of the best , nor can it beat the 5MP N95 or Sony Ericsson's top CyberShot phones such as the i , but it's better than most camera phones on the market.

Nokia E90 Communicator

The autofocus lens is sometimes a little balky to focus but generally it's not too slow by autofocus camera phone standards, and it manages to create good depth in images. While Nokia used just the right amounts of JPEG sharpening and smoothing in the N73 and too much sharpening in the N95, the E90 overall has just a bit too much sharpening and pleasing smoothing. Color balance is often spot-on, as with the image on the right, but there are times when color shift blue, especially indoors even under incandescent lighting. Overall, contrast is a little too high which can make the photo look slightly dark see the pool photo below , but we're being picky here.

Compared to most camera phones, the photos are fantastic. Unfortunately, indoor shots in poorly lit locations are Nokia's weak point and the E90 is no exception. Even the fairly bright LED flash doesn't help if the subject is more than 4 feet away. The camera can take still images up to x resolution and it has digital zoom.

A variety of image settings allow you to tweak photos including color effects, white balance and light sensitivity handy if you're getting too much white out. The camera and camcorder can save photos and videos directly to a micro SD card and there are self-timer and burst mode called sequence mode for images.

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The camera can shoot video up to VGA resolution at 30 fps and has features that include image stabilization and recording video with audio. Quality is quite good for both video and audio, as mentioned. As we'd expect of a strong business phone, the Communicator has WiFi Range was average by PDA and smartphone standards and connections were reliable.

The phone supports open and encrypted networks along with WPA, and has an auto-scan feature that will look for access points within range you can turn this feature off to avoid endless notifications in urban areas and to save battery power.

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The E90 has Bluetooth 2. We had no problem transferring files to and from our Windows and Mac machines and syncing over Bluetooth to our Mac Pro using Nokia's iSync plugin. Stereo sound through the Pulsar A was rich and full by Bluetooth standards, and we managed 25 feet range. The E90 has surprisingly good battery life for a smartphone with a large display make that 2 displays , GPS and triple wireless radios. The mAh Nokia BP-4L easily lasted us 3 days on a charge without serious multimedia use just watching a few 5 minute short films and listening to MP3s for an hour a day. The WiFi radio uses power judiciously and as such it didn't bring the battery to its knees.

We used WiFi about 30 minutes per day and turned off automatic access point discovery both to save battery life and because we didn't really want to know about the myriad access points always in range wherever we went. Constant GPS use, say for a day on the road, will use up the battery more quickly and we'd suggest a car charger for road warriors.

Though the GPS is more power-frugal than on other mobile phones we've tested, in fact impressively so, it won't last 8 hours of continuous use. A fantastic update to the Communicator line that's more like a re-birth. While keeping the best of the Communicator line's inventive and practical ergonomics, the feature set has been raised to the sky. WiFi will keep you connected when near an access point and Nokia's Bluetooth implementation is as usual, excellent.

The web browser is best in its class and the mail application is decent. BlackBerry users will appreciate BlackBerry Connect and the phone's overall stability is excellent. For the first time, we get good multimedia and an excellent camera in a Communicator, which means down times won't be dull. Fantastic wide screen display with x resolution that's very viewable outdoors.

Excellent Communicator design melds a mobile phone with a notebook. The E90 is extremely stable and reliable. Nokia has improved on the N95's GPS with firmware updates, and we hope they do the same with the E Large by phone standards. No US 3G. By preshit on October 10, in News. Ricky tells us that the upgrade has problems with Blackerry connect, so you might want to hold off a while longer.

Update 2: I had a weird problem with the display right after the phone started up after the update. While the inner display did not show anything, the external display displayed the following. Share this: The new mJelly Directory. Ricky Cadden October 10, at 7: I applied it yesterday ended up needing to do a battery out reset. Strange thing is that it is not even the latest version of Maps included! I have upgraded to this firmware. Seems better. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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