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We're not totally sold on the dust resistance either. Yes, it means that dust won't get in beneath the screen, which used to be one of our main bugbears on devices of old. But the Sony Xperia Tablet Z does have a ridge all the way around the edge that seems to attract lint. You can clear it with a blow or a blast from a vacuum but it'll just come back.

And don't get us started on fingerprints - this is a magnet for them. And the screen is another area you'll want to know about. We weren't bowled over by the displays on more recent devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note The trouble is once you've experienced a sharpness like Apple's Retina displays, nothing else can really live up to your expectations. We used an iPad mini recently and it felt almost third world that we were able to spot pixels on websites and ebooks, even if it was less of an issue with photos and videos.

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The same could be said of Sony's Xperia Tablet S. But there are no such issues here. It's not the sharpest out there - that honour is held by the Google Nexus 10 and its staggering ppi for the larger tablet and ppi on the New Nexus 7 - but even still the Sony Xperia Tablet Z excels with it's clever screen processing technology.

We spot pixels for fun and can categorically say that this is a super sharp display that we were more than impressed with. And surprisingly in side by side comparisons, it bested the Google Nexus 10 and was every inch the equal of the iPad 4 - beating the latter when it comes to movie watching simply because it has a more widescreen ratio.

A lot of the time this is all smoke and mirrors, using fancy new titles that add little to the experience.

Not so much here, though. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z looks absolutely phenomenal, with photos and videos popping out of the screen brilliantly. Even on just normal tasks, like web browsing, the colour is spot-on. It's not too bland but also not overly colourful, which is a criticism sometimes levelled at Samsung. Whites look warm on the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, rather than yellow. There is little here we can criticise, other than the fact that the screen is sometimes too bright.

We had the Sony Xperia Tablet Z set to auto-brightness, but found ourselves often having to manually turn it right down to the lowest possible setting. Maybe Sony thinks we're all half blind, but sometimes less is more. One other observation we must point out here is how much better the screen viewing angles are on the Sony Xperia Tablet Z compared to the smartphone equivalent.

The phone screen is sharp and bright, but look at it anything other than dead-on and it looks more washed out than an old pair of jeans. You won't find this on the Tablet Z, where the viewing angles are much better, although the iPad does have a superior contrast ratio based on general usage.

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It's good to see, since this could have been a massive Achilles' heel, especially because you'd be more likely to share content with friends on a larger screen, watching movies together and so on. If you're a fan of movies, a microSD card slot is another big bonus here. Sony has stuck two fingers up at Google and its move to cloud-based alternatives, forcing people into 32GB or less of onboard storage. It means that you can buy a 16GB model and easily bump your storage up by an extra 64GB without breaking the bank.

It's a big issue. Google assumes people are happy to stream from the cloud, but bearing in mind the space an OS and bloatware can take up and the fact that you have to install apps onto the internal memory, by the time you've added a few big ones like the GTA games, a couple of HD movies and a few songs, your allowance is shot. And if you're on a plane or a train and want to stream from your collection of 30, tunes, you're out of luck unless you've previously decided which ones to download to the device.

That's why we remain fans of SD card slots, even if you disagree in some of the comments sections.

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Powering this beast - and making sure your movies all play without lag or stutter - is a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a quad-core 1. Some early reports have claimed there is a slight lag on certain tasks such as swiping from screen to screen, though the same posters have added that installing another launcher such as Nova or Apex fixes the issue. Amazon Fire HD 10 Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

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