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The iOS operating system is a thing of beauty, not least of which because there is so much to explore and learn about. As a touch-based platform, iOS uses gestures like swipes and taps to let you control things with intuitive ease. However, there are bound to be less well-known gestural commands in such a complex set of software.

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Here are five of the better ones. Notifications on the iPhone can be annoying. They drop at inappropriate times, and I always end up accidentally activating them. Of course, my iPhone is more than happy to hop over to the application that sent the Notification in the first place. The first way to dismiss the active notification from the top of your iOS device screen is to touch and slightly pull down on the banner notification, then flicking it up.

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The other way to do this is to swipe from right to left across the banner, with an almost subliminal down up motion, which the original tipster says can be fairly unreliable, so your mileage may vary. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. But did you know that you can use some multitasking features with just the addition of another finger or two? Or is that nerd-vana. Either way, I suppose. Then flick upward from the bottom of the screen. The multitasking bar will show up at the bottom of your beloved iPad, ready to let you tap your way to a different app with a single-finger tap.

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Simply claw swipe down and the bar will hide itself again. This is the same thing that happens when you double click the Home button, so never you fear.

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Post a comment! You can organize and delete apps on your iPad the same way you do on your iPhone. Hold your finger on an app until it starts to wiggle and display an X icon. Take advantage of folders by putting them in your Dock. You can group your apps that way and always have access to sets of apps instead of clogging your Dock with them. The A. Patrick Lucas Austin.

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